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Discover Astrology, Reiki, Tarot & Candle Magic with Erin Bright. The bespoke body of work that is Alchemy & Art is all handmade and originally designed to  guide you into deeper self knowing so that you can make your own unique magic.

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Erin Bright founder of Alchemy & Art

I am a classically trained artist, life long learner, schnauzer mom with a dedication to soulful practice. I find it difficult to recon with the idea that my art, design, astrology, reiki and candle making are separate things. The universe has orchestrated my unique journey so that I may have the pleasure of producing a body of work enriched with so many modalities and a singular purpose: to connect to truth through relationship with self and the divine. The body of work that is Alchemy & Art is truly for everyone and sharing it is my magic.


Cincinnati, Ohio


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