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Full moon in Leo the Astrology and the Psychology

The Leo Full Moon on January 25, 2024, is imbued with vibrant and dynamic energy, reflecting the bold and confident traits associated with the sign of Leo. The energy of this house encourages us to embrace our individuality, express ourselves authentically, and tap into our creative passions with enthusiasm and vigor. Under the influence of Leo, we may feel a heightened sense of self-assurance and a desire to shine brightly in our endeavors, embracing our inner fire. But a Full Moon invites us to release, this Leo full moon asks us specifically what we need to shed so that we may step into the spotlight created for our unique set of skills. What can we put down so that we can radiate our spirit’s purpose? How can we make this transitional energy stick to our psyche for more permanent change?

Can we nerd out on the science for a minute??? I believe that any practitioner of personal change should take this science into account when creating a ritual or sequence of rituals. Psychologists, Neuroscientists, and Mind-body medicine have drawn the conclusion that taking a bath, practicing yoga, or engaging in meditation can induce a state of relaxation that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to what's known as the digestive relaxation response or theta brainwave state. This state is characterized by decreased heart rate, lowered blood pressure, and enhanced digestion. Scientific studies have shown that these practices can reduce cortisol levels, increase vagal tone, and stimulate the release of endorphins, promoting a sense of calmness and well-being. By entering this state during a ritual, individuals may find it easier to access their subconscious mind, making the ritual more effective for psychological and emotional transformation.

Thank you for coming to my TED TALK. Please know that I prefer a bath and a candlelit meditation, as a general rule, but I do find yoga quite effective. On to our regularly scheduled programming of Tarot and Journal Prompts...

Please take the time to pull your own tarot and write your thoughts as thoroughly as possible for your own ritual.

Journal Prompts

What aspects of my behavior no longer serve me or prevent me from embodying my highest purpose?

How can I use this Leo Full Moon to reparent my inner child/shadow so that I may release undesired behaviors for lasting change and greater alignment with my true purpose?

What loving supports can I offer myself as I travel through this 2-week lunar cycle of release?

I am including my experience as a model of vulnerability so that the words are in existence as support. I do not suspect we are going through the same things but I share with the spirit of a woman who who is willing to hug it out from my specific point of view in the knowing that there is support basking in the presence of another whole ass human who is also on her journey. I find that the work of leading with the heart is considered weak or messy in our society. And I am bound and determined to just do it. So let me lead… I will share my magic and I encourage you to share yours as you are already a dear friend.

There was a lot of conflict in drawing the 4 of Wands, but I've been able to come to a conclusion. I feel I've been choosing instant gratification instead of focusing on what truly matters for my long-term growth. I have been making choices that support me in the moment rather than past the foreseeable future. This is true with how I have managed my resources of time and energy. I know in my heart that it stems from fear and scarcity because I am in such uncharted territory.

For those of you unfamiliar with reparenting, it is a therapeutic approach from psychoanalytic theory (I had to google what science developed “reparenting”), and it is essentially revising early developmental experiences to address unresolved childhood conflicts and promote emotional healing and growth. I have found this approach far more effective than the Calvinistic approach I once subscribed to. So, reflecting on the 10 of Pentacles, I've realized that I need to double down on using my time to create dividends. Meaning that I need to invest in hearing my inner child and sitting with her needs so that my investments can pay off. This may mean saying no to others as well as saying no to my work so that I may move forward in a more developed way spiritually. I ultimately need to treat my wellness as though I have all 10 pentacles in the bank already.

The 4 of Swords is a lot easier to understand…small tangent…I am scared of the impending Aquarius season…some of these questions were developed in preparation for the Aquarian Energy and the extreme collective growth I see on the horizon…so I am please to see this reading having continuity for my expectations. I feel this reading has a clear message for me with each card supporting the others. I am hearing that I need to go inward and prepare for the next stage. I am committing to rest and recuperation for deep-seated investments. I will sit with this release as I would sit with a cold. I will rest and gain strength knowing that it is temporary and expansion will come again.

Tell me about your reading! Tell me your business and what bought you here! Also what do you think of the science? Isn’t it amazing?

Ok my dear, Whole Ass Human! I love you!

xoxo Peace

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