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Red White & Astrology: Our Nation's Birth Chart

The Birth Chart of the United States: July 4, 1776, at 5:10 PM in Philadelphia, PA

On July 4, 1776, at 5:10 PM in the historic city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States of America took its first celestial breath with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. As fireworks illuminate the skies each Independence Day, they echo the planetary dance that welcomed this bold experiment in liberty. Join me for a deep dive into the astrological chart of America, exploring the stars that marked the nation's birth and continue to shape its destiny. Let's uncover the cosmic secrets and intriguing insights that lie within the stars of this grand republic.

A couple of housekeeping items to help explain my approach to this deep dive. One, Astrologers have access to multiple techniques for reading the houses of a chart. In this reading, I am using the Placidus system of house division, which is one of the most commonly used methods for interpreting charts.  This technique originated in Italy and calculates the houses based on the rotation of the Earth, providing a more dynamic and individualized chart due to the overlapping nature of 2 zodiac signs per house. The main benefit of using Placidus houses is their adaptability to the latitudes, creates a nuanced perspective that reflects the complexity of energetic experiences and psychological growth. Two, in all things energetic we are not attempting to assign quality of “Good” or “Bad” we are identifying places of ease and growth because each Zodiac Sign comes with a spectrum of energetic qualities and the country itself is a manifestation of humanity and humanity is gray AF. Three, this is to be a natal chart reading and not a thorough reading assessing all of the energetic influences of the past 247 years. If you follow my blog you know, I encourage everyone to get multiple readings and we should be willing to make the same allowances for fun experiments like this one. And our fourth and final piece of housekeeping, this is not meant to be a measure of patriotism or a lack there of. I believe that at the root of all healing/growth is a measure of reality, a willingness to acknowledge your successes and your downfalls and an ability to have 20/20 vision of the past while maintaining hope for the future. I do hope that all makes sense…Let’s get into it!

First House: Sagittarius and Capricorn with Sagittarius Ascendant

The United States has its ascendant in Sagittarius, symbolizing a nation characterized by optimism, expansion, and a quest for freedom. This placement highlights the country's pioneering spirit, always looking towards the future and seeking new horizons. However, the influence of Capricorn in the first house indicates a practical and disciplined approach to achieving these expansive goals. This juxtaposition suggests a balance between idealism and pragmatism, embodying both the adventurous spirit and the structured framework necessary for growth.

Second House: Capricorn and Aquarius with Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in the second house of the U.S. chart points to profound transformations in personal values and material possessions. This placement signifies periods of intense change in the financial landscape and national priorities, pushing the country to reassess what truly matters. Pluto in Capricorn drives a desire for structure and achievement, often manifesting in leadership roles in business and government. This energy reflects the deep commitment to organizational excellence and long-term success that has shaped the U.S.'s capitalist economy. However, it also speaks to the darker aspects of this pursuit, including the exploitation and suppression of marginalized communities and an emptiness where we should be in the pursuit of of joy beyond the element of earth; meaning matters of the heart and spirit.

Third House: Aquarius and Pisces with the Moon in Aquarius

With the Moon in Aquarius in the third house, the U.S. embodies an intuitive dichotomy of emotionally intellectual and restlessly innovative approaches to communication and community, valuing individual freedom and equality but also exhibiting aloofness and unpredictability. This placement fosters a strong emotional connection to immediate environments and communication, emphasizing the importance of expressing feelings through words and being receptive to others’’ , with a willingness to challenge the status quo as seen in the exodus from Britain. Pisces in this house enhances intuitive and creative communication styles, fostering an open-minded and artistic national identity, evident in the country's desire to be a melting pot, yet lacks the fortification and boundaries that would protect its citizens from the contentious and polarized nature of political discourse.

Fourth House: Pisces and Aries

Aries dominates the fourth house, indicating an assertive and dynamic approach to home and family life. This placement reflects a national character that is bold and pioneering in domestic matters, often taking the lead in shaping the home environment. The U.S. displays a strong will to create a family and home life that aligns with its ambitious and independent nature, showing initiative and courage in its foundational aspects. However, this assertiveness has also led to conflicts and confrontations, both domestically and internationally, often driven by a desire to protect and assert its perceived values and interests.

Fifth House: Taurus

The fifth house in Taurus underscores a love for leisure, creativity, and enjoyment. This placement suggests a grounded and resourceful approach to hobbies, romance, and self-expression. The nation's self-worth is closely tied to its ability to enjoy life and express creativity, reflecting a stable and practical pursuit of pleasure and artistic endeavors. And it is true we have access to experiences and luxuries that a huge percentage of the world does not, but the shadow side of this Taurus energy is its relentless pursuit of material comfort and luxury and the global impact of those pursuits.

Sixth House: Taurus and Gemini

Taurus in the sixth house indicates a strong willed work ethic and potentially laissez-faire approach to health and daily routines, emphasizing productivity and pleasure of the senses over routine maintenance and balance. Gemini’s presence in this house adds a layer of curiosity, flexibility and inconsistency,  suggesting a national inclination towards extremely diverse work environments. The U.S. values jobs that involve learning, variety and mastery over infrastructure, function and stability. The spectrum of these energetics are made evident through the discovery and developments of industry and science and the average quality of home as well as though the historical and ongoing disparity between the working classes as well as our national health and mental health concerns.

Seventh House: Gemini and Aries with Mars in Gemini

Gemini in the seventh house indicates a need for intellectual stimulation in relationships, valuing communicative and versatile partnerships. Mars in Gemini enhances this dynamic with a focus on achieving desires through intellectual and social interactions. However, being a day chart, this Mars placement can also indicate challenges in these areas due to a fiery warrior style approach. Additionally, Jupiter and Venus in Cancer within this house bring a nurturing and protective energy to partnerships, emphasizing emotional security and growth through relationships. The complex interplay of these energies is reflected in the country's diplomatic strategies and its often contradictory stance on international alliances and conflicts. Additionally, these planets come together to form a 7th house stellium which means that the country has natural propensity to prioritize its sense of leadership and relationship appearances on the world stage.

Eighth House: Cancer and Leo with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer

The Sun in the eighth house of transformation, shared resources, and the nation's collective psyche reflects a conscious engagement with life's deeper aspects while Cancer serves its energetic spectrum of maternal and nurturing to manipulative and controlling. This placement underscores historical and ongoing struggles, while Mercury adds a probing disposition, unveiling the complexity of the nation's identity. These astrological placements grant a unique ability to illuminate and communicate about hidden societal elements, fostering insights into transformative issues and exposing everything that is to be swept under the rug. While Leo is energetically imbuing this house and all of its issues with its confidence and stubborn nature.

Ninth House: Leo and Virgo with Black Moon Lilith in Leo and Neptune in Virgo

Leo in the ninth house brings enthusiasm and creativity to philosophical pursuits, with a flair for dramatic expression in exploring higher knowledge. Black Moon Lilith in Leo in the 9th house suggests challenges in accepting the need for recognition and a propensity to expand in counterproductive ways. The 9th house represents spirituality, higher education, travel and anything that can expand an individual’s perspective. When this expansion is fortified by the ego of Leo and the shame points of Lilith you have a recipe for chasing false gods. But we see some redemption from the energetics of Neptune in Virgo as this adds a practical yet compassionate approach to spiritual and philosophical endeavors, blending idealism and service. The country's philosophical and spiritual journey is marked by its diverse heritage and the ongoing quest for equality and growth.

Tenth House: Virgo and Libra with Saturn in Libra

Virgo in the 10th house is enriching our collective 10th house of career and public image with a value for efficiency, precision, analytical skills and attention to detail. The energetics here are diligent, practical, and meticulous. Libra is splitting the energetics of this 10th house with a desire for mediation, diplomacy and harmony but Saturn is magnifying the constraints, boundaries, discipline and life lessons of this agenda. This placement suggests challenges in achieving a healthy reputation, but shows us a potential for substantial achievements in creating a just and equitable society despite intense, and potentially embarrassing, partisan conflicts. On a much deeper level, for readers interested in a more advance astrology technique, Saturn’s placement here is reflecting back to us those 2nd house issues around resource inequities is only fortifying the issues we have with our reputation on the world stage.

Eleventh House: Libra and Scorpio

Libra and Scorpio both influence the eleventh house in the USA astrological birth chart, creating a dynamic blend of energies. The harmony and balance attributed to Libra foster a sense of fairness and impartiality in community involvement and future aspirations. However, Scorpio's presence adds depth to this equation, indicating a tendency to delve into the hidden truths and complexities of societal dynamics. While this can lead to profound insights and transformative growth, it also suggests a potential for power struggles and intense confrontations. Overall, these energies suggest a nation that strives for balance and harmony in its communal pursuits while simultaneously grappling with the complexities and challenges inherent in uncovering deeper truths.

Twelfth House: Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpio residing in the twelfth house of the USA astrology birth chart hints at a profound spiritual odyssey, urging a deep dive into life's enigmas and innermost truths. It suggests an inclination towards unraveling mysteries and embracing transformation. The nation is inherently drawn to exploring the depths of spirituality and psychology, navigating the delicate balance between relinquishing control and trusting the natural ebb and flow of existence. With Sagittarius also occupying this house, there's an added dimension of seeking universal truths, fostering an expansive, all-encompassing approach to spirituality that embraces diverse cultures and belief systems. The adventurous spirit of Sagittarius, merged with the ethereal essence of the twelfth house, engenders a worldview characterized by openness and optimism. This combination provides a roadmap for a spiritual journey rich in exploration and self-discovery challenged by maintaining equilibrium.

I hope you found the cosmic tapestry of the United States' birth chart to be an enjoyable exploration. Seeing that each placement unveils a layer of the nation's complex identity, echoing the celestial symphony that accompanied its inception. From the pioneering spirit of Sagittarius ascending to the profound transformations of Pluto in Capricorn, the stars paint a portrait of a nation striving for both expansion and structure, freedom and discipline. As we navigate the labyrinth of astrological houses, it becomes clear that the USA embodies a dynamic interplay of energies, oscillating between optimism and pragmatism, innovation and tradition, harmony and conflict. As we gaze upon the stars that guided the nation's birth, we are reminded that the journey ahead is not merely written in the stars, but shaped by the collective will and spirit of its people. I hope this reading and experiment was as fun for you as it was for me and that it creates a curiosity in you to explore the astrologies on a deeper level through classes or services.

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