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Unlocking Cosmic Energies: Navigating the Eclipse Portals through Astrological Houses

I want to take this specific moment in time to touch on where we have been and where we are going. Please allow me to illustrate the half of the eclipse journey you have already traveled so that we can scaffold you forward through the rest of the path with enriched understanding. We are in-between the lunar eclipse on March 25th and its Libra qualities and the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8th and its Aries qualities. A lunar eclipse, a luminous culmination of the full moon, ushers in a period of release. It beckons us to shed what no longer serves us, to bid farewell to outdated patterns, and to embrace the transformative power of letting go. Conversely, a solar eclipse, marking the inception of the new moon, heralds a time of manifestation. It invites us to plant the seeds of intention, to envision our desires, and to manifest our dreams into reality. This particular eclipse is conjunct with, or supported by, Chiron, the wounded healer, infusing this energy with healing so that we may get out of our own ways. Please scroll on to your more personalized forecast curated by rising signs. Please note that your rising sign is a placement associated with time of birth and not the date of birth so you may need to look up your horoscope before reading on.

Aries (7th House Release, 1st House Manifestation)

Let go of interpersonal conflicts and relationships that do not serve you and embrace self-discovery and identity.

Taurus (6th House Release, 12th House Manifestation)

Liberate yourself from work-related stress and health concerns to make space for spiritual growth and inner peace.

Gemini (5th House Release, 11th House Manifestation):

Release creative blocks and romantic entanglements for enriched social connections and aspirations.

Cancer (4th House Release, 10th House Manifestation):

Forgive familial burdens and emotional baggage for career success and public recognition associated with self worth.

Leo (3rd House Release, 9th House Manifestation):

Drop mental clutter and communication barriers to expand wisdom and spiritual clarity.

Virgo (2nd House Release, 8th House Manifestation):

Resolve financial insecurities and attachments to make space for deep transformations and a willingness to share resources.

Libra (1st House Release, 7th House Manifestation):

Detach from self-doubt and identity crises so allow in harmonious partnerships and balanced relationships.

Scorpio (12th House Release, 6th House Manifestation):

Release subconscious fears and self-sabotage to achieve improved health and daily routines.

Sagittarius (11th House Release, 5th House Manifestation):

Separate yourself from outdated social circles and creative blocks that are holding you back from joy and self-expression.

Capricorn (10th House Release, 4th House Manifestation):

Quit succumbing to career pressures and authority issues so that you may feel emotionally secure and familial harmony.

Aquarius (9th House Release, 3rd House Manifestation):

Let go of limiting beliefs and dogma so that you may deepen intellectual pursuits and communication skills.

Pisces (8th House Release, 2nd House Manifestation):

Release attachments to the past and financial insecurities so that you may move forward with high self-worth and material abundance.

As you navigate this eclipse season, consider the areas of your life that I have highlighted for your journey and embrace the opportunities for release and manifestation. Remember, the cosmos conspires to guide you on your journey of growth and transformation. The universe is here to support you. If you seek deeper insights into how these celestial energies are influencing your life and want to explore the supports your natal planetary placements may offer for a more in-depth understanding I invite you to book a personalized astrology appointment. Together, we can illuminate your path forward as a Whole Ass Human with clarity and empowerment.

Much Love,


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