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Venus' Moves & Agenda for Summer Love

I’m always thrilled to share the intricate dance of the planets with you so that you can explore astrology for your own use. This week, our lady Venus is making a significant shift, inviting us to explore themes of love, beauty, and creativity under the fiery influence of Leo. I will explain Venus’s agenda for summer love and why this inner planet is always so close to the Sun.

Venus Keeping Close With the Sun

To fully appreciate the significance of Venus entering Leo, it's important to understand the unique relationship Venus has with the Sun. Unlike other planets, Venus is always relatively close to the Sun due to its rapid orbit and retrogrades. Venus never strays more than 47 degrees from the Sun. This proximity means that Venus is often visible either just after sunset or just before sunrise, known as the "Evening Star" or the "Morning Star."

Retrogrades and Cazimi

When Venus goes retrograde, it appears to move backward in the sky from our perspective on Earth. This illusion occurs because Earth is overtaking Venus in its orbit. Retrogrades are times of reflection and reassessment in the areas Venus governs. We will always be affected by Venus where we have natal placements but also in the houses it collectively rules. Venus retrogrades approximately every 18 months, lasting about 40 days. During this time, we are called to re-evaluate our relationships, values, and aesthetics.

In the middle of every retrograde, Venus will meet up with the Sun for a cazimi. The term "cazimi" refers to a planet being in the heart of the Sun, within 1 degree of exact conjunction. This is a powerful position where the planet's energy is considered purified and intensified by the Sun’s rays. During a retrograde cazimi, Venus’s themes are highlighted with an opportunity for profound insights and breakthroughs.

Venus' Move to Leo

Venus has been in Cancer since June 17th, where she has emphasized emotional connections, nurturing, and home-focused activities. During this transit, we felt a deep need for security and comfort in our relationships. On July 11th, Venus enters Leo, and the energy shifts dramatically. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is all about self-expression, creativity, and boldness. Expect to feel more confident and expressive in matters of love and beauty. This is a time to embrace your inner artist, seek out joy, and indulge in playful romance. Express yourself boldly, seek joy, and celebrate love, not just in romantic relationships but also with your inner child and the things that make you happiest.

During Venus's transit through Leo, you may find yourself drawn to grand gestures of affection and creative projects that showcase your unique talents. Social interactions will likely be more vibrant and passionate, with a focus on fun and spontaneity. This is a perfect time to take risks in love, pursue your artistic passions, and let your charisma shine. Remember to also take care of yourself and honor your authentic desires, allowing Leo's energy to inspire both your personal growth and your connections with others.

As we navigate this vibrant energy, remember that astrology is a powerful tool for self-discovery and growth. I’m here to share the astro tools through a personal reading with all my whole-ass humans, so get in touch if you ever need help with love languages, communication, or personal development. I am 100% here for it. Sharing astrology is one of my favorite things, so stay tuned for more insights and guidance, or reach out so we can make it more effective for you.

Xoxo Peace

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