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The Tarot daily practice journal is meant for anyone who is just getting started in their tarot journal as well as advanced readers who want to see in depth patterns and themes in their readings. The book includes...

-a diverse collection of card meanings in small bites so you have constant, easy access.

-my notes on the characteristics of numerology and the suits.

-graph paper for ease in doodles or infographics to cater to your style of note taking.

-free space for journaling your thoughts and experiences with each card

-the "date pulled" feature which allows you to cross reference the individual cards with their appearances in your life. This aids in creating a deeper connection to the cards and your personal development timeline.

-A whole journal section to write how your daily readings.

-Companion stickers available

Tarot Journal by Erin Bright

  • This unique 6" x 9" Journal is crafted to mimic my own note takeing system and is comprised of 222 pages of graph paper. It consists of a range of  descriptions for each of the traditional 78 Tarot cards with full color photos of each card. There is a divider system developed for each suit/element and the Major Arcana. There is also a great deal of space for you to freestyle your own notes and doodles so that your intuition can take you where it needs to go.

  • While all sales are final. Alchemy & Art will completely replace products damaged in the shipping process. Please use the contact section of the website inorder to communicate all damaged items. Please allow 24 hours for communitcation as this is a sole proprietorship with one employee.

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