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Eclipse Spring Shake Up

Updated: Mar 25

Last week, I gave you this calendar to understand the mercury retrograde and this week I want to tell you about a few other players attending this Astrological Party, we call life.

Additional Dates

March 25, 2024 is a lunar eclipse in Libra

April 8, 2024 is a solar eclipse in Aries.

Tis the season

Eclipse season is actually 6 weeks long (and can be 8 weeks from time to time). It began March 10th, after the previous new moon, there is a ramp up of Luminary energy until we have completed the entire cycle of eclipses (1 lunar and 1 solar) and then made it back around to complete the moon’s trek around the zodiac to the full moon on April 23rd. This luminary intensity is a tug of war game between the fire of the sun and the intuition of the moon. I believe it feels like a roller coaster of emotional break throughs combined with the get up of 1000 Red Bulls. It is full of false starts and clarity that dissipates the moment you find pen and paper. It is a ride… it is, in fact, a ride… So what do you do?

I want to be very clear that the jury is very much out on whether or not we should be doing rituals or manifesting during an eclipse.  We are encountering some “shake shit up” energy and collaboration with the universe may be strained. Also because the 2 luminaries in the sky are in a frenzied state it could be likely that the change you are calling in may come from unstable energy or a lack of clarity. BUUUUT… I am inclined to ask… is this what the doctor ordered? I have made some of my greatest life decisions from a place of frenzied necessity. I have flipped a switch on my life or life style with blind faith and reaped great benefits. I believe that God has supported me through many, many aggressive “shake shit up” situations and I have been blessed for taking those leaps. I believe the tower card ALWAYS serves as divine intervention. So with all that being said I am happy to go on the record with a very supportive “you do you boo!”.

March 25 is a Lunar Eclipse.

This is also a full moon. LOVE A GOOD LUNAR RELEASE! I rarely find issues in the releasing process. A lot of us hate change or hold on to things to long so it is typically safe to say, if you want to get rid of something in your life willingly , it is probably over due. So… my most honest plan for tomorrow March 25th in honor of the Lunar Eclipse is to…complete my financial statements for 2023…I know I have some negative energy clogging my psyche up around money and I need to release that responsibility to the Universe for me to move on from the stagnancies I have allowed to build up. After, I will take a bath and burn a candle while journaling about my feelings around the completion of this release. I built this itinerary after answering these journal prompts.

What part of my life could use the most aggressive amount of change?

What do I feel I need to release?

How could that benefit from a drastic flip of a switch?

April 8th is a Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses are always a new moon. A new moon is a stereotypical time to bring in a manifestation. A time we go inward and set intention that will grow with the growth of the moon.  The caution flag gets flown by me when we talk about adding to our lives during an eclipse. The intensity or lack of clarity associated with intense energy is why I slow my roll. I want grounded energy associated with my manifestations. I want thoughtful commitment to adding responsibility to my life. I only want to call in new energy I can foster and care for and develop and grow with.  I will only be calling in long term manifestations that I have done prior work for. I will only be bringing attention to action steps that represent a huge life story. I think this makes sense as an action step because eclipses tell a longer story. We don’t look back or forward 14 days as we do with a standard lunar cycle. We look back or forward 6 months. We tell a greater story between eclipses. During these bigger chunks of time we have developed grounded energies and grounded understandings we can rely on during these more intense, active times. So here is what is on my solar eclipse itinerary. I will use the 7th the day before to work on my Art, bring something into fruition that serves my heart and my life’s purpose, and then I will spend the actual day celebrating my relationships and spending time with people I want to grow with in the coming months. I will be manifesting health around my work and my people. And as always burning candles. I came to this conclusion with these prompts.

Take stock of the greatest people, things, achievements that are actively in your life.

Which ones could benefit you the most from their growth?

How can you grow them?

When all else fails "you do you boo" and just do your best. I believe this journey is a personal one, one we have to take 100% responsibility for. Our consciousness is our responsibility. Our goals are our responsibility. Our health, both physical and mental, is a responsibility. Our paces and approaches will be unique. All we have is our best and each other and our whole ass humanity. I love you so much.   



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p.s. thanks for the pocket calendar, it's awesome!


What a good point this is re: eclipse season: "The intensity or lack of clarity associated with intense energy is why I slow my roll. I want grounded energy associated with my manifestations." I mean, this is pretty much the energy of the season in a nutshell! I'm glad to have this perspective!

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