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Experiencing Reiki Through the Lens of a Proud Nerdy Lady (aka Erin Bright)

In the Moment:

From the client perspective, the feeling of receiving Reiki is relaxing and grounding. It is kind of like the calming aftermath of a massage without the muscle soreness the next day. It is a blanket of stress reduction that makes it really easy on the mind to be present and in the body. Theoretically, one could sit and chat during Reiki, but it is very difficult…and I do love to talk. I often find myself content to simply bask in the stillness of the moment…and as a rule, I don’t like to be still.

Some Reiki practitioners hover their hands while others make direct contact. I prefer when a practitioner uses light touch. There is something reassuring about the experience…something kind and nurturing. It helps me feel comfortable in the act of surrendering to the flow of energy. The experience of the energy is always wonderful, but the sensations can vary, even from the same practitioner. I have felt a melting relaxing feeling, warmth, tingles, something that felt like a bubble popped at the site of an injury, and a sense of empowerment that could rival Popeye the Sailor Man. All of the sensations are very unique in their own right but so good I invite them back whenever possible because they level up the way I feel in my body and ultimately my state of health.

The Really Nerdy Part:

I personally have had a long journey healing adrenal insufficiency (also known as adrenal fatigue). The profound relaxation experienced during a Reiki session has been a huge asset to my personal healing journey. In case you aren’t familiar, adrenal glands produce hormones responsible for regulating the nervous system. An unregulated nervous system will often prematurely trigger the "fight or flight" response during any kind of stress. When the body lives in this state, which is an ever-rising issue in our culture, we lose that innate homeostasis in which the body heals itself. This constant nervousness can manifest physically as headache, nausea, irregular breathing, unreliable digestion and so much more. When we bring in super calming therapies like Reiki, we allow the body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the state of “rest and digest”), promoting rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Our bodies will naturally lower heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of stress hormones. In essence, Reiki acts as a switch, gently guiding the nervous system back into a state of equilibrium and harmony. There is actual scientifically backed research that shows regular Reiki sessions can have profound benefits for overall health and well-being, including improved immune function, enhanced mood, and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.


In essence, Reiki feels like a collaboration between the energy and the innate wisdom of my body. The Reiki energy has served as a catalyst, nudging my body back into alignment, and I have personally experienced physical and mental relief. I have experienced additional range of motion in my Achilles tendon after being so tight it was hard to walk barefoot. I have experienced an aid to my digestion, relieving me from acid reflux and constipation. I have seen a great deal of relief from anxiety. I have more confidence, less fear of making mistakes, and more acceptance/ease when trying new things. And lastly, I feel a constant flow that chooses health. I don’t have all the words for this, but I feel like Reiki has permanently raised the bar for health in a way that healthy feels so good it begets more health. I hope that makes sense, and I hope I have offered you a sense of why I love and recommend Reiki to such a degree that I would become a practitioner. Thank you for holding space for my experience. I would love to know yours in the comments.

Xoxo Peace


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One of the things I love most about Reiki is that it feels like a big hug from the Universe, and that it is accessible and appropriate for everyone to receive, no matter what their current state of health is. It's so gentle and wonderful!

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