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February 28th Cazimi Magic

Updated: Apr 3

We have all been in this assessment of systems, boundaries, and communication for approximately six weeks, and maybe a little longer for some. We have been trying to figure out how to proceed, and even what we want to proceed towards. I even imagine some really exhaustive questions about identity and why we even do what we do. But I have good news; we’re coming to this space of astrological support where the most direct sunlight is being shown on our planetary rulers of both boundaries and communication in a pivotal clarity-inducing meetup called a Cazimi.

This direct conjunction, where the Sun holds Mercury and Saturn in its heart’s center, is an explicitly magical time of clarity, warmth, and energy boost to our Saturnian and Mercurial agendas. Since all this is happening in Pisces, we can call this a go-big-or-go-home situation. Pisces is expansive, dreamy, and rich in creative intelligence, so I encourage you to develop an understanding of how you want to approach your really big authentic goals and dreams. Think of this Cazimi as a collaborative meeting where the Creator (Pisces) gets direct support from a Communications Director (Mercury) and a Project Manager (Saturn). And I would like to add that this is not all that is happening because Jupiter is down the hall, offering support to this whole meeting and bringing sheer luck to the situation by being in a sextile to the Cazimi. So not only have the heavy hitters decided to bring the balance of discipline to the creative process, but dumb luck has also shown up too.

So whether you are a creative or just a creator of an opportunity, let us get a little more specific and see where this lands for you. Since all this is happening in the house of Pisces, and houses are determined by your time of birth (Ascendant (ASC)/Rising Sign), scroll on down and see what is in store for you within this transit.

Aries (12) - fears, loss, withdrawal, sensitivities, secrets, hidden self-discrimination

Taurus (11) - culture, friends, community, wishes, good fortune, higher consciousness

Gemini (10) - goals, career, ambition, leadership, public rules, challenges, competition

Cancer (9) - travel, religion, higher consciousness, astrology, worldview, publishing exploration

Leo (8) - death, debt, inheritance, taboo, mental health, transformation, other resources

Virgo (7) - intimacy, partners, homies, enemies, technology, coexistence, souls journey

Libra (6) - work, service, health, pets, spirituality, daily routines, physical ailments

Scorpio (5) - sex, creativity, offspring, pleasure, drama, desire, impulse

Sagittarius (4) - parents, home, security, belonging, real estate, domestic affairs, community

Capricorn (3) - ideas, education, network, siblings, communication, extended family, local


Aquarius (2) - assets, resources, values, needs, self-worth, digestion, nurturing

Pisces (1) - image, self-esteem, appearance, pride, first impressions, life force, personal identity

Writing Ritual

I will be taking a bath, setting up an altar with my Water Candle and answering these prompts in my journal.

Reflecting on your dreamiest goals, assess how they are authentically you. How can you show up for this intention with discipline and boundaries to achieve this goal? How can you speak about it? How can you announce it? How can you use your words and your systems to support this big dream?

I do believe that we are the creators of our lives and that our inner worlds and inner work will be mirrored by our outside world and efforts. I believe this to be true no matter what religion or lack thereof that you are affiliated with. When we are fulfilling our authentic intentions, the world seen and unseen will come to the forefront and open doors and windows or send emails or whatever needs to happen for your intentions to come to fruition. So no matter where this landed for you, whether you are creating more clarity, getting support through an investor, changing your health status, or publicly stating that you are doing the damn thing, I know you are supported because you are a whole-ass human.

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