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Gemini New Moon Role Call!

Updated: Jun 3

As we approach the New Moon on June 6, the cosmos will align in a spectacular way. The Moon, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus will all gather in the vibrant and dynamic sign of Gemini. This unique alignment will offer a potent blend of energies that will invite us to communicate, expand, and shine. Having all of this planetary support, as well as the unique Gemini power to cast insecurity aside and take action. It will present us with opportunities with a side of opportunities. Let’s get into what this celestial gathering will mean for us and how we can harness its power.

The Energy of a New Moon in Gemini

A New Moon in Gemini will be a time of fresh beginnings, curiosity, and intellectual stimulation. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, will thrive on communication, adaptability, and learning. This New Moon will encourage us to set intentions around our thoughts, communication patterns, and the way we connect with others. It will be a perfect moment to make new connections and start new projects, especially those involving writing, speaking, or any form of exchanging information. We will embrace the duality of Gemini by balancing logic with intuition, and allowing our minds to explore new possibilities.

Jupiter’s Journey in Gemini

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, will have just moved into Gemini on May 25th and will remain there until June 9, 2025. This is the beginning of a new story in which, Jupiter in Gemini will ask us to broaden our horizons, seek knowledge, and embrace new experiences. In your natal chart, wherever Gemini resides will be the house you’ll feel this expansive energy the most. This will be a time to grow intellectually and spiritually, to take up new studies or adventures that will enrich your life. Jupiter’s presence in Gemini will encourage you to be open to new ideas and to let curiosity lead your path of growth. Remember you are still equipped with free will so you can expand the best qualities of this energy or the worst qualities.

Recent Cosmic Conversations

Mercury is busy, as only Mercury can be, meeting up for these significant transits. On June 3, Mercury will have formed a trine with Pluto in retrograde, enhancing our ability to think deeply and transform our perspectives. This aspect will be perfect for delving into intense conversations and uncovering hidden truths. Following this, on June 4, Mercury will conjoin Jupiter, amplifying our thoughts and communication. This conjunction will be an excellent time to articulate your ideas and share your vision for the future. I encourage you to use this potent energy to write, speak, and plan how you wish to expand in the coming months. Schedule a date with your most hopeful friend and just let the ideas fall out of your mouth and then create a plan for the ones you want to stick. Remember Mercury in Gemini is the best at understanding you have to test out the wildest thoughts to get to the most practical ones.

The Sun-Venus Cazimi: A Burst of Magnetism

Adding to the celestial mix, the Sun will conjoin Venus in what’s known as a cazimi, an event that occurs when Venus is in the heart of the Sun. This alignment will happen on June 6 and will infuse the New Moon with heaps of magnetism and charm. It will be a time to shine brightly, attract positive attention, and infuse your intentions with love and creativity. The Sun-Venus cazimi will enhance our ability to express affection and appreciate beauty, making it an ideal moment to nurture relationships and indulge in artistic pursuits.

And just a little heads up...

Saturn is squaring all of this so there is a real aspect of responsibility being directed at this sweetness. Saturn is there to remind you that your dream house needs the lawn mowed, your dream mate requires you to learn their love language and your dream schnauzer may require expensive perscription dog food. There is a balance to life and I encourage you to find the gratitude in how you show up for your dreams in the way that your dreams show up for you.

Journal Prompts to Harness the Gemini New Moon Energy

  1. How can you use your free will to activate this energy into the most positive ideas and communications that will enhance your life?

  2. How will you embrace Jupiter’s energy in Gemini to expand you horizons and grow intellectually or spiritually? What areas of my life will call for growth and exploration?

  3. Reflect on recent deep conversations and transformative thoughts. How have they changed your perspective? What truths did you uncover, and how will you use these insights to move forward?

  4. How can you make the responsibilities of your manifestations something that you can see as a part of your daily mundane magical practice?

Embrace the Energy and Shine Bright

This Gemini New Moon will be a powerful time to set intentions, expand your horizons, and express yourself authentically. With the combined energies of the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus, we will be called to embrace our curiosity, communicate our desires, and shine brightly in all that we do. Please book an appointment and allow me to be your astrologer and guide you through this transformative time. Together, we can explore how this celestial energy will translate for you and uncover the opportunities in your chart. Let’s harness the power of this Gemini New Moon and illuminate our paths with wisdom and joy for all of the whole ass humans out there.



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