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Is Saturn in Pisces Rewiring Our Understanding of Vulnerability

I have been doing a lot of readings for people who are actively experiencing their Saturn return. I have been considering the similarities in their charts and the meaning of this activated Piscean energy for the collective. We have been living this energy off and on since March 7th 2023 and we are going to begin our backtracking into Aquarius on June 29th. I am curious if we will be able to experience this shift in real time. Will we appreciate the Piscean benefts on vulnerability as we know it? Or will Aquarius offer us reprieve?

Our previous understanding of the world was one that prized stoicism and invulnerability. An environment that saw vulnerability as swimming against the tide. It’s a concept that has historically been viewed something to be avoided or minimized at all costs. For many, myself included, vulnerability used to be synonymous with being messy—a necessary release valve to prevent emotional explosions, a method to trauma bonding and creating codependent relationships, or a badge of honor proving you can do harder things than your counterparts.  But what if we are shifting our perspective on vulnerability? What if vulnerability is now coming from a space of being self possession rather than needing to release our burdens?

Most of our whole ass humans who are born between May 1993-April 6 1996 (retrogrades are not considered in these dates) have had a very interesting experience with their Saturn placements because of the fact that Saturn and Pisces are energetically and conceptually naturally in discord.

Saturn is associated with structure, discipline, and responsibility. As one of the slow-moving outer planets, Saturn's influence is profound and long-lasting, symbolizing the passage of time and the lessons learned through experience. Saturn governs boundaries, limitations, and the consequences of our actions, urging us to confront reality with maturity and pragmatism. Its placement in our charts can indicate areas of life where we face challenges, undergo growth through perseverance, and ultimately achieve mastery. Saturn's influence encourages us to establish solid foundations, self-discipline, taking accountability, and the fulfillment of long-term goals. Saturn's energy can feel restrictive, it ultimately teaches valuable lessons about resilience, wisdom, and the rewards of hard work… you know the fun stuff…

Pisces exudes unique energy, it’s deeply connected to the realm of intuition, empathy, and spirituality. With Neptune’s influence, Pisces individuals are often regarded as dreamy, sensitive souls with a profound capacity for compassion and understanding. Their energy flows like water, it’s ever-changing, allowing them to easily navigate the emotional depths of both themselves and others. This sign is known for its artistic inclination, as Pisceans are often drawn to creative pursuits, have vivid imaginations and are always considering mysteries of the subconscious mind. Their empathetic nature can sometimes lead them to absorb the emotions of those around them, making it crucial for Pisces to establish healthy boundaries and practice self-care which is a laborious feat for this water sign.

This combo manifests as the mark of a successful artist, someone who understands that discipline and structure truly support creativity and emotion. This is a knowing that being responsible means being careful with hearts not productivity and perfectionism. Someone who is embolden to go deep into the feels but respects all whole ass humans and will not trespass for information or emotional control. I would like to offer you 3 people as an example of this lovely placement so that you can identify these qualities in whole ass humans.

  1.  Jane Fonda who has 5+ arrests for her work in social justice. Check out her interview on the podcast "Keep It!".

  2. Viola Davis who is one of the most self possessed models of vulnerability on planet earth. Please find her Netflix interview with Oprah or read her memoir “Finding Me” for a real life example of someone telling their story difficult story from a place of peace.

  3. Keanu Reeves who is known for headlining articles as the “Nicest Guy in Hollywood” full of content about his enormous donations to charity and Youtube videos spying him giving up his seat on NYC trains when he could be chauffeured in a private car.

Have you started seeing vulnerability through the lens of Saturn in Pisces? What if we used this energy as a powerhouse for understanding the depths and the benefits of strong boundaries for emotional, spirtual and humanitarian gain. I am wondering if that is what is happening with this Saturn in Pisces placement we are all experiencing. I feel like these late 20 and 30 somethings are showing me this energy as it begins to manifest in real time and I am here for it. Will it show up on a grander scale? Could this energy translate to a collective balance of spirit and worldly energies?

Please tell me, how is this energy showing up for you? Can you identify a story of vulnerabilty that began in March of 23? How has your understanding of vulnerability or boundaries played out in your story? Are you aware of an energy shift? Are you struggling with it or enjoying it? For me personally I am definitely experiencing a drastic shift and almost an intolerance for old codependent tendencies I have had. I am even seeing a shift in my social circles and how vulnerability is becoming less taboo. The whole ass thing is fascinating and I would love to know your perspective. Are you curious about where this could be playing out in your chart? Which pillar of life is being affected? If you would like a reading we can do a deep dive on this transit.

All the love in the world!

XOXO, Peace.

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