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March 19th Starting the Astrological New Year in a Retroshade!

So we have officially entered Aries Season! The exciting Astrological New Year has started! We have struck the match that is that New Year Spark and the excitement that is the new life of Spring! But proceed with caution because we have entered Mercury Retroshade!

The Astronomy

Please note: that this information is through the lens of us, Earthlings, and not an actual shift in orbit. Mercury is still plotting its course. When the planets lap each other there is a visual perspective that a planet sits in it's place for a period of time, in Mercury’s case it is 3-6 weeks if you are allowing for the Retroshade.  Imagine that you are in the car and acres back from the road is a house. As you speed towards the house it it grows in size quite rapidly and then as you are parallel to the house there is a moment of stillness where your speed almost seems to slow and you can capture the entire image that is the house’s landscape. That paralleled slow down is similar to the visual illusion that is a retrograde.

If you would like to see this explained via Retrograde Video, this one is EXCELLENT!

My Typical Take on a Retrograde

Now, your girl loves a good retrograde. I love a systems update! New found clarity…Apple telling me there are new features…I literally love to review previous work to file it into a new piece of technology that will simplify life. I even love a systems update in my relationships…where we develop a new status quo to accommodate our new growth and maturity. I am not saying that I don’t experience frustration. I am saying, I am at ease with the process of taking 1 step forward to take 3 steps back…to ultimately take 30 steps forward. I am content to live in the understanding that life is a dance. But I am going to be honest it’s not as cute in Aries.

This Particular Energy

As I said, Aries energy is the spark and the new. It is the hit the ground running energy that we all look forward to when the weather breaks and Pisces season ends. So when you intermingle that energy with a retrograde you have an energetic traffic jam.  This can look a few ways…Do you have all of the get up and go and none of the clarity? Are you full of anxiety and knowing that you are on the brink of something fresh but don’t really know what the hell is on the horizon? Are you popping off prematurely and getting frustrated about the little things? Are you surrounded by wackadoos driving like it is the Indy 500? Aries with Mercury in Retrograde is The Ram ready to crash full speed ahead into our communications, ideas, technology and short distance travel.

Your Retrograde Pocket Calendar

I encourage you to slow down, proceed with caution, keep your eyes peeled for the systems errors, and watch your mouth. Expect delays, my friend, and know these dates

March 18th

Mercury begins its shadow period. This is when the energy starts to get unclear.

April 1st

Full systems overload and go retrograde. Start seeing delays and keep eyes peeled for things you have the powerl to improve.

April 11th

The wonderful Cazimi. Mercury chills in the glory of the Sun’s rays for a day and all the humans receive the clarity for any of the system updates they need to implement.

April 19th

The energy slows as the Sun enters Taurus (our most pleasure for the senses seeking Earth sign)

April 25th

Mercury Stations Direct. We have been invited to experience the down hill coast and repairs that come from the clarity of the Cazimi.

May 13th

We are back on track and out of the shade…and we are chilling in the sensuality of Taurus Season.

Mercury In Retrograde Aries Edition Journal Entry

What was I looking most forward to with the onset of Spring? What was I most looking forward to creating with the energetic spark of this season? How can I step forward slowly and methodically? How can I harness discipline and patience during this chaotic time?


I, personally, am going to be burning the Alchemy and Art Earth Candle throughout this fiery season to assist me in feeling grounded and calm. I will use it every morning, as I set my intentions, dream journal and pull tarot so that I may claim calm energy before I proceed into the world each day. I am also committing to fortifying my use of my calendar and filing systems; scheduling a few hours a week to slow down and acknowledge that these are things that get out of hand easily for one Erin Bright.

I hope that this analysis of this retrograde is helpful and aids you in moving forward into your Aries Season. I wish you divine peace as any hiccups may present in your life. If all else fails, find a like-minded Whole Ass Human to share your grievances with because communing with your people can ground and fortify. I love you so much! See you next week!


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1 opmerking

Everything is cute in Aries!!! Okay, for real, this is crucial information to have and I really like the "pocket calendar" aka Cliffs Notes version on what to watch out for on what date. I think the idea of balancing out the frenetic Aries/Retroshade Season with a calming Earth energies is just great!

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