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May 18th is Looking Cute with a Jupiter Cazimi, Y'all!

Y’all this week is brought to you by the Letter A for Abundance! The cosmos are supporting us with energy that is expansive, delicious and it should be reveled in! And that is it y’all! I am not phoning it in with a short blog but I am definitely implying you should! Don’t make it to deep…Just enjoy it!

May 18

Jupiter Cazimi at 28 degrees of Taurus. The Sun is shining on the expansion of our benefic planet of Jupiter. They are meeting up for the Sun to infuse our access to growth with energy and clarity. I recommend actively take a step on the to do list from your May 7 manifestation. This is all in a trine to Pluto, so I am seeing transformation and luck here. Pluto is down the hall making his availability and support known while still managing his own affairs. Show the universe or your divine leader, the gratitude it deserves for any expansive clarity you receive.

Where is this sweet day showing up for you?

Aries Rising

2nd House of Resources

Taurus Rising

1st House of Self Image

Gemini Rising

12th House of Karma

Cancer Rising

11th House of Culture and Friends

Leo Rising

10th House of Careers

Virgo Rising

9th House of Travel, Education and Expansion

Libra Rising

8th House of Death and Taboo topics

Scorpio Rising

7th House of Intimate Partnerships

Sagittarius Rising

6th House of Work and Service

Capricorn Rising

5th House of Creativity, Pleasure and Expression

Aquarius Rising

4th House of Parents and Home

Pisces Rising

3rd House of Ideas, Networking and Local Community

Please tell me where this is showing up in your chart! And if you want to have me look at your chart so you can better plan your rituals, manifestations and days out to enjoy the benefits of Jupiter’s agenda,  please consider an astrological reading with Alchemy and Art. Until then keep burning those abundance candles to call in whatever our whole ass selves desire.

Love Y’all! Peace!

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My "A for Abundance" cazimi is showing up in the 9th House (Virgo ascendant) of EXPANSION!!

Replying to

I LLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEE that for you and it is so true! Mine is in careers!

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