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The Sun, the Moon & Venus are Intervening with a Call for Self-Care

As we have just started to embrace the tender Cancerian energies of the Sun being in Cancer, we find ourselves standing on the threshold of a new lunar cycle, marked by the Cancer New Moon on July 5th. In astrology, Cancer is renowned for its intuitive nature, its deep connection to emotions, and its nurturing essence. This celestial event not only beckons us to delve into the depths of our emotions but also serves as a powerful reminder to prioritize self-care and cultivate a profound relationship with ourselves.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, symbolizes the maternal instinct, urging us to nurture and care for ourselves as we would a beloved child. Under the gentle guidance of Cancer's intuitive energy, we are encouraged to listen to the voice of our inner selves, to honor our emotions, and to embrace our vulnerabilities. This New Moon acts as a cosmic invitation to delve into the realms of self-discovery, to unravel the layers of our being, and to forge a deeper connection with our intuitive wisdom.

Venus is Here Too, Y’all

Adding an extra layer of potency to this lunar phase is the presence of Venus in Cancer, blessing us with her loving and nurturing energy until July 11th. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-worth during this time. As she dances through the watery depths of Cancer, she encourages us to shower ourselves with compassion, kindness, and affection. Her presence amplifies the nurturing essence of this New Moon, making it an opportune moment to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-love.

Check Out How it is Showing Up in Your Chart via your Rising Sign

Aries Rising

Take care of your home. It is in fact where your heart is so do the house work that nourishes you your immediate family.

Taurus Rising

The energy of cancer season will help nurture relationships with friends and siblings. Take time to yourself but also note that they are an extension of you.

Gemini Rising

This is a permission slip to invest your funds in you. I know your money is deeply personal but it is ok to splurge right now.

Cancer Rising

This moon is for you and your relationship with you! It is a cute time to get a new swimsuit and polish change. Keep in light and enjoy the water.

Leo Rising

It’s ok to take naps when you are studying your hidden selves during the intuitive time that is Cancer season. As you are in the 12th house you are actually doing some heavy lifting as you build this deep relationship with self.

Virgo Rising

Your colleagues are dying to know how you “just know”. Your intuition is strongest in collaboration so meditate on where you want this season to take you as you lead your team.

Libra Rising

You are so good at work because you trust yourself. If for some reason this feels like a struggle invest your time and energy into shining at work. It will support you feeling like the wise boss that you are.

Scorpio Rising

Your spiritual studies and expansive hobbies feed your intuition so commit this season to your daily devotionals and that trip.

Sagittarius Rising

It’s a good idea to make sure your taxes, documents, and manuals are how you like them. When your bank account is in order your intuition gets more time to shine.

Capricorn Rising

Love on yourself and your partner. I think you should pick the activities for date night.

Aquarius Rising

Your focus should be on how you be consistent in how you hold space for relationship with self, because your style in this area of life is flakey or self indulgent.

Pisces Rising

Cancer season is enriching your capacity for ideas and creativity I encourage you to trust them!

Journal Prompts

Here are some journal prompts to guide you in fostering a deeper relationship with yourself and others during this potent lunar phase:

  1. Write down three things you love about yourself. Embrace your strengths, your uniqueness, and your innate worthiness. How can you show yourself more compassion and kindness in your daily life?

  2. Pay attention to your inner voice and intuitive nudges. What messages is your intuition trying to convey to you? How can you strengthen your connection to your intuition and trust its guidance? Meditating on the color orange (the Sacral Chakra) may support you on this journey

  3. Reconnect with the innocent, playful, and curious aspects of yourself. What activities or experiences bring you joy and spark your creativity? How can you incorporate more playfulness into your life?

  4. Reflect on your relationships with others. Who are the people who uplift and support you on your journey? How can you nurture and deepen these connections? How can you set healthy boundaries and release relationships that no longer serve your highest good?

  5. Identify self-care practices that nourish your mind, body, and soul. Whether it's meditation, journaling, spending time in nature, or indulging in your favorite hobbies, prioritize activities that replenish your energy and bring you a sense of peace and balance.

As we embrace the nurturing energy of the Cancer New Moon and Venus in Cancer, let us remember to honor our emotions, cultivate self-love, and deepen our relationship with ourselves and others. May this lunar phase serve as a catalyst for profound healing, growth, and transformation on our journey towards self-discovery and inner harmony. And as always I am here if this time requires deeper exploration into your chart for additional support as you are on the journey towards your enriched life with your whole ass self.

Love Y’all ByEEE


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