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We are all a little bit Gemini

I have spent a lot of time trying to create a system or a way of thinking that helps everyone understand that they are not limited to the aspects of their Sun sign. There are literally quintillions of ways your chart can play out and your Sun is only a small piece of the pie. There are some people whose Sun sign carries very little weight in how they perceive themselves because their chart ruler is Pluto or Venus. In fact, in ancient Rome when people would have their astrological banters, citizens would tell you their Ascendant/Rising sign before they would even think to tell you about their Sun sign. Every time, I meet someone and they find out that I’m an astrologer they say things like “oh yeah, my girl friend is worried that we won’t work out because I am a Leo and she is a Cancer” or “I don’t feel like a Virgo, the descriptions just don’t seem like me at all” or my all time favorite “you can’t put the 8 billion personality types on the planet into 12 buckets”. After a smile and nod, I restart my hyper fixation on “how do I get people to see that they are every thing all at once; even when they are not?” I know this is a big thought, but isn’t that what we are here to do? Have big exploratory thoughts for expansion? If you want more insight on how vast the astrology chart possibilities are, please, check out my YouTube Video here.

Moving forward with that tidbit of how my brain works and what is always on the back burner of my mind, I have entered Gemini Season trying to live the astrological energy rather than predict it. I have been spending the past week really trying to tap into what I feel in my body and what thought processes I’m having in relationship to the Sun’s placement in Gemini. I have come to this conclusion: We are all a little bit Gemini.

Here’s how you can spot your Gemini tendencies…Where is your behavior in conflict with your desires? Where do you show up as a little 2 faced? Are you flighty when it comes to making plans? Where do you feel like everything is falling apart while the world think you have got it together? Before you come at me saying that I think Gemini’s are 2 faced, I want to remind you that our strengths walk right up to our weaknesses and I am using this angle of consideration because our strengths don’t walk around waving red flags to get our attention. So take a minute to ask yourself “where do you show up as both sides of the coin?”

If you know your rising sign, I would love to take a guess at where these dualities lie for you. If not scroll on down and see how you can use this energy to fortify your life.

Aries Rising

Do you love the social aspects of school but don’t understand why we all should learn similar things or be treated similarly?

Taurus Rising

Do you admire and hate the way you spend money? Do you have all the financial planning prowess of Suze Orman while simultaneously have a stupid expensive collection of designer lipstick?

Gemini Rising

Do you have incredibly inconsistent thoughts and perceptions of yourself? Can you build yourself up and tear yourself down in the same sentence?

Cancer Rising

Do you have conflict when considering your role in society? Do you want to save humanity and simultaneously want to be the cause of dumpster fires everywhere? More seriously…Do you see helping others as a deep rooted responsibility but in your mind you are negotiating that the tough love approach admonishes you from helping anyone?

Leo Rising

You want close, personal, meaningful relationships and simultaneously want everyone to leave you alone all the time, always?

Virgo Rising

Do you hate your boss but eat lunch with him 3 times a week? Or your job is part of your identity but you don’t think about it outside of the office?

Libra Rising

Do you deeply desire the benefits of travel but then can’t bring yourself to plan a vacation?

Scorpio Rising

Will genuinely support your rich friends using loopholes to avoid paying taxes while signing the memo on your tax check “thank you for the roads and schools”?

Sagittarius Rising

Do you love/hate your partners (business and/or romantic)? Believe that they are the sexiest human alive that you can’t live without while simultaneously imagine causing them harm because they can’t equitably park in the driveway?

Capricorn Rising

Do you write a perfect by the minute itinerary for the week every Sunday night and then throw it away Monday morning because you overslept 10 minutes?

Aquarius Rising

Do you know for a fact that your idea would propel you forward in a group project but you won’t share it because Kyle was a d-bag at your last meeting?

Pisces Rising

Would your mental health really benefit from some time organizing your home but you won’t even address the dishes?

On a more positive note. How do the strengths of Gemini energy manifest into reality? This energy is the energetic royalty of “fake it till you make it”. These humans will show up and show out with imposter syndrome, a hangover and their water heater having gone out the night before. They are here to model to the rest of us, that it doesn’t matter where sh*t lands, you have to keep it moving and succeed. This energy is where we can show up without judgement and problem solve with flexibility and curiosity. This is where we can show up as delusional in our thoughts to manifest our wildest desires…ie Pisces rising can turn on the delusion to get themselves a house! Gemini is 100% the energy we need to tap into if we are ever going to understand that we are everything all at once; even when we are not.  Now, tell me…did I get your rising sign right? Tell me your rising sign and how you show up as Gemini? Comment below. If you want to tap into the positives of this Gemini energy, I can recommend burning your Alchemy & Art Air Candles. If you want to know your rising sign or want to know about the planetary supports you have backing up your Gemini energy book a reading with me. It would be my pleasure to offer you support as you explore the insights and energetics of Astrology.



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Is it so funny that I'm reading all of the others signs (Capricorn rising I'm looking at you) and I'm all- "Oooo this is so and so, that is so and so" and when I get to mine (Virgo rising) I'm like, nope, not me? Although... 100% my job is (a large) part of my identity but I cannot leave it "at the office". Your point that this strength lead to a weakness (inability at times to disconnect/relax) is very well received.


As a Capricorn rising and Gemini sun I feel all of this. I do makes schedules and abandon them when something doesn’t go as planned rather than reassessing or tweaking my schedule. But that’s how I am in life too. If I don’t start strong I quit or give up too easily. This post resonates with me because I do like being multifaceted which mean following through even tho I’ve had a rough start.

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